The Würzburg Residence

Every time I visit an old monument or building with a preserved garden as an integral part of the history of that place, I usually spend most of my time there. In my opinion, some gardens are much more charming than the museum or palace itself.

I had the same feeling when I visited the important Würzburg Residence, considered a UNESCO heritage site. Its baroque architecture is spectacular. It was rebuilt after World War II, and countless talented architects worked there, the main one being Balthasar Neumann. Inside this palace there are beautiful frescoes signed by the Italian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, which take our breath away, not to mention the beautiful and grand staircase, as well as the great hall.

It is truly a beautiful and fundamental place to visit when in Wurzburg. However, it is unforgettable to walk through the Royal Court Garden that surrounds the back of this residence. Flowers, trees, lakes, neo-classical statues ... the whole work is very harmonious and symmetrical, worth a few hours of sightseeing.


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