The unmissable gastronomic scene of Leipzig

Leipzig is second to none in the world's great food metropolis. You can find typical German restaurants and also many other restaurants that value international cuisine, be it Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, and so on. You eat very well in Leipzig and you will find a multitude of different restaurants to suit every taste and budget. In the hippest areas of the city, in the neighborhoods of the Music District and Sudvorts, there are other thriving business centers, full of young people. Most are in the hands of families. They all value quality and local, seasonal or organic produce. There is a sense of cooperation from much of Leipzig's population towards sustainability as well.

Barthels Hof: some of the most enjoyable places to explore are the restaurants located in the passages - or courtyard - which have become famous throughout the city because they gave rise to the famous street fairs. Some of them book less conventional restaurants with excellent local food and in the hands of families, such as this place.

Mintastique: if you crave for candy and sweets, don't miss this place. It is also a family business - whose confectioner came from Bulgaria and, with her daughter and son-in-law, cares for the product with great respect and affection.

Cantona Klassiker: for slightly over 10 years, it acclaims soccer and named the house after former French player Eric Cantona. There is a huge variety of drinks, beers, wines, including a recipe from our caipirinha made with Brazilian Old Barreiro cachaça.

Mörtel werk: This excellent recommendation came from one of the curators and managers of Spinnerei. After visiting this cool museum, walk around the canal for about 20 to 30 minutes until you reach this rustic-looking café-restaurant, where you can find some of the city's best-done typical dishes, in addition to a nice drink and beer list. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is kind and they love rock'n'roll.

CoffeeBaum: centrally located, this used to be the meeting place of intellectuals, musicians and artists of the past (among them Beethoven, Bach, Robert Schumann…). It is now the oldest house still operating in the city, since 1711. So much so that its construction belongs to Leipzig’s heritage. Go and choose one of the outside tables, weather permitting, to have a coffee and enjoy the movement of the street.


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