The unforgettable Mahane Yehuda restaurant

All my friends I spoke to about Jerusalem recommended the same: you must know the Mahane Yehuda restaurant. And when I returned from Israel, they and others would ask the question: did you go to the Mahane Yehuda restaurant? Today I understand why.

It is one of the most unique and special restaurants I have ever visited. First basic rule: book it. You can hardly sit without making a reservation in advance. The food is wonderful, the service is very efficient and friendly, the atmosphere is cozy and like almost everywhere in Israel, there is energy and noise. All this unique atmosphere is the result of the partnership of three chefs, who in 2009 were able to offer modern Israeli cuisine to the population.

Special features include changing menus daily according to the mood of the chefs and the seasonality of the always fresh products of undeniable quality that are prepared in an open kitchen visible to the clientele. It is, by far, the best restaurant in Jerusalem.

In time: don't mix up with the also famous Mahane Yehuda market! They are both different, although located nearby.



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