The must-see museum Boijmans Van Beunigen

I will hardly insist on anyone visiting a museum. But when in Rotterdam, if I must suggest some of the most must-see places in one’s life is the Boijmans Van Beunigen. Its qualitites are countless. It has, altogether, works of art made by Rembrandt, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Magritte, Salvador Dalí and so on. As we entered the museum, we had one surprise after another due to its collection of iconic works of art. It is spacious, due to its huge collection, but not tiring at all. On the contrary. Its structure is very pretty and inviting to explore. Right at the entrance, they have a nice way of collecting visitor’s coats, in a type of suspended installation. Since this museum is dedicated to the art of different periods and movements, it is natural that different proposals and aesthetic languages combine with each other. Before or after sinking into so much culture, stop at the museum’s charming café-restaurant. As in many museums in Europe, you can eat simple well-made food, or at least warm yourself with a gezellige koppie kofje, while admiring the beautiful garden that surrounds this space in Rotterdam, so rich in art and culture.


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