The largest food market in Holland

A few months before my first visit to Rotterdam (2015), an arquitectonic landmark in the city had just opened. It was MarktHalle. An exciting discovery especially due to its purpose: besides its impressive building housing two hundred apartments, it is also a vibrant food market. It is the largest covered market in Holland and the first hybrid building between market and residence, a work of art of lush shapes and colors, all very inviting to the public. Inside there are kiosks and food stations of different nationalities: Arab, Italian, Scandinavian, Danish, Spanish ... embodying an impressive food court.

MarktHalle, the largest food market in the Netherlands

And on its sides, there are some very nice and internationally renowned restaurants, such as Jamie's Italian. It is a great stroll and part of a process of urban and economic revitalization of the region. MarktHalle doesn’t standout only for its beautiful looks but also for its engineering – typical Dutch intelligence – it is sustainable, it recycles energy, reduzes its emission of CO2 and reuses heat and cold efficiently. A must-see place to eat, stroll, admire and photograph.

Food court at MarktHalle in Rotterdam
Architecture of the MarktHalle in Rotterdam
Inside the food market MarktHalle in Rotterdam


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