The gin's revival and where to drink in Berlin

When we are not looking for a particular spot and unpretentiously go to places when we are traveling, perhaps the most incredible and unusual venues appear out of nowhere. As I hardly take a taxi or public transportation - I always prefer walking - I believe that the chances of knowing cool things are always greater. This place, called Botanical Affairs, was very haphazard and surpassed any expectation of a drink bar that I could ever visit.

Bartender prepares drink at the Botanical Affairs bar in Berlin
Inside the Botanical Affairs bar in Berlin
The Botanical Affairs bar in Berlin

It is very well located in the Mitte district (which young tourists prefer), but in a street where you can see few charming little venues, like this one, and in more commercial places. After opening its first unit in Stuttgart, Botanical Affairs arrived in Berlin about 5 years ago with a proposal entirely dedicated to gin labels from around the world. Drink the German Fieldfare gin with the fantastic Goldberg tonic and stay as long as you need, the atmosphere is very charming and the service is great.


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