Mahane Yehuda: the famous market in Jerusalem

Colors, aromas and sounds all mixed and as varied as possible. Entering this market leaves anyone open-mouthed and dazzled by its vast cultural and gastronomic richness. It is one of the largest markets in the entire Middle East and, of course, the largest in Jerusalem. Israel in general is home to a number of wonderful markets, but Mahane Yehuda has professionalized markets to an incomparable level. There is a bit of everything there: spices, dried and fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, craft beer, typical local food, all in hands of traders of Jewish or Arab descent, who also set up small souvenir shops where, with a little patience, you will find small things and small gifts to avoid returning home empty handed.

You can enjoy the diversity of restaurants inside and outside the market, which have become hot spots for young people and tourists in the evening, especially on Thursdays (equivalent to our Friday). During the day, Mahane is a cultural melting pot with locals and tourists visiting, shopping and eating the culinary delights. In the evening, noises are loud, so is the laughter, young people drinking and having fun, fruit vendors close their doors, while the bars are open. There are fewer tourists and many college students scrambling for tables scattered around the market aisles with no time to end.


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