A place to get lost: Spice Market and the delicious Halvas

Next to the Galili Olive Press Center (see story of Bethlehem of Galilee: where Jesus Christ is believed to have been born), in the village of Bethlehem of Galilee, is The Spice Way Herb & Spice Farm, where I came across a plethora of herbs, infusions and spices that could make anyone crazy! A family that has been growing all its products for over 50 years runs the place. Thanks to the Zithershpiler family, hundreds of carefully crafted products and traditional production and cultivation techniques guarantee the freshness and quality of all items sold in bulk in this wonderful market.

There are practically more than 10 types of za'atar (spice mix from the Middle East) that this farm produces on its soil. Not to mention the diversity of Sumac (another Arab spice), and the spices they make for chickens, meat, fish, salads… there are so many!

The infusions section does not disappoint and transports us to an experience of aromas and colors that even those who are not much into tea will bring at least one type home. I am a tea enthusiast, and regret having brought only one type home: it was by far the best tea I ever had! The tour to The Spice Way can last a few hours because not only it is amazing and there are unique products to buy, but you can also have lunch there: homemade, simple and tasty food.

For those wondering if it is worth buying the spices and the like to take in the suitcase back to their home country, yes, it is well packaged and can be kept for many days. In time: The market opens every day from 8:30am to 5pm.


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